• No-Code, No-API

    Health and social care, integrated.

  • Problem

    Integrating Care Is Too Complex

    Big barriers for integrating health and social care systems.

    Traditional IT integration represents insurmountable cost and time barriers for NHS Trusts, CCGs and local government social care. Many of these systems do not have open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).


    If you have to join-up GP and hospital Electronic Patient Record (EPR) and social care Case Management systems, the costs and complexities are beyond the budgets of regional NHS Trusts, CCGs and local government IT.


    Despite a need to reduce Delayed Transfer of Care (DToC) in NHS hospitals and empower citizens with the right digital tools for social care, these technology barriers are preventing the timely integration of health and social care.

  • Solution

    Simple Apps, Simple Integrations

    Delivering painless health and social care innovation.

    Rapidly create simple apps using your applications. No-Code means innovation 10x+ faster. No-API means no disruption. You can now rapidly create and integrate health and social care apps. The barriers are removed.


    What makes our approach unique is that we do not need to worry about expensive and intrusive Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). We connect to health and social care systems with zero code-change interface work.


    We enable the creation of task-focused simple apps for all stakeholders in health and social care: doctors, nurses, social workers, field carers - and citizens. With No-API, you can instantly connect to all systems.

  • Architecture

  • Advantage

    No-Code, No-API

    Integrating health and social care, 10x+ faster.

    No-Code simply means combing our Design Thinking method and Visually Done tools to create a rapid, agile and iterative approach to digital innovation.


    No-API enables you to connect health and social care IT systems with The Social Care Platform, resulting in zero code-change interface work.


    No-Code + No-API = Your Advantage.

  • Ian H Smith



    After initially training as a product designer in the plastics industry, I have spent the past 35+ years in challenging roles within the tech industry.


    I hold a Master's degree in Design Thinking. This inspires my work: applying a human-cantered approach to solving problems with digital innovation.

    David Costa

    CEO UK


    Prior to becoming the CEO of everis UK in 2013, David held a variety of positions within the company, including Partner and Director of everis Barcelona.


    David received a telecommunications engineering degree from the Cataluña Polytechnic University and a Master’s degree from ENST in Paris.


    Global Digital Innovation


    everis is a Euros 1billion enterprise, employing 19,000+ people, delivering sophisticated digital health and social care solutions, worldwide.


    A platform for developing cognitive applications capable of understanding human knowledge and applying it to the decision-making process.

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